CLEVELAND -- Volunteers spent the better part of the day doing something they've waited years to do --that was getting St. Casimir ready for the hundreds who are expected to turn out for the first Sunday Mass since it closed.

For those who turned out to help, the sound of vacuum cleaners and the wipe of a mop never looked or sounded so good.

Parishioner Krystina Moreno draws a parallel to her faith when describing how it feels to open up. "For 3 years we were like in a tomb and now it's like a resurrection we're open again," said Moreno.

For the first time in a long time music filled the pews as organ player, David Krakawski, warmed up.

"I think the idea is to make them walk in and say 'oh my God, isn't it beautiful?'" said Krakawski.

Moreno and her daughter, Julia, felt it was their duty to clean the place they've longed to worship in.

"It was never meant to be closed and boarded up and thrown away, it was meant to be open and shared and celebrating," Moreno.

Shared and celebrated it will be once again after parishioners nearly lost it all.

"Hopefully, our generation sees what this generation has done and continues with it and help to make this church even better," saidJulia Moreno.