CLEVELAND -- One former Cleveland School used the past week to celebrate its 100 year heritage.

Years ago, West Tech was the largest Ohio high school. Alumni from the school continue to meet and reunite every year.

Located at 2210W. 93rd, the school, now an apartment complex, played host to an Open House Saturday. Tours and a museumwere just a couple events that visitors were able to enjoy.

Each day of the week-long celebration highlighted specific parts of the schools' history:

Tuesday, July 17

  • Welcome - Opening Ceremony Art, all Choirs, Band, Orchestra and Thespians

Wednesday, July 18

  • Principals, Faculty, Hall of Fame Members, and Authors

Thursday, July 19

  • Girls' Leaders, Cheerleaders, Majorettes, Warriorettes, Twirlerettes and Flag Bearers

Friday, July 20

  • Coaches and all Sports Teams

Saturday, July 21

  • All Vocational, Technical, Horticulture and College Prep.
  • Closing Ceremony

The school is not the only thing in Cleveland with a centennial celebration -- there's also the West Side Market.