They serve our country by fighting battles overseas. But when our military men and women return, many have a hard time finding employment.

Certain companies right here in Northeast Ohio are making it a priority to put our service members back to work.

"I'm a West Point graduate," says Jamie Irick, "And I was a field artillery officer based at Fort Hood, Texas."

Irick had more experience in high pressure situations than most. But on a resume, artillery skills might not apply at every company.

"When I was getting out of the Army, the toughest thing was figuring out what I wanted to do."

While he was getting his MBA, Irick discovered companies who made it a priority to hire former military, including his current employer, General Electric.

"GE has a veterans network which is terrific, which helps there."

GE in the United States employs over 10,000 veterans. That means 1 in every 13 employees at General Electric served in the military.

Many of those are at Nela Park in East Cleveland.

"We have an initiative for the next five years to hire a thousand veterans a year," says Steve Melfi, senior manager for Talent Acquisition at GE.

Because of this, General Electric made the Military Time's best companies for vets, along with Waste Management, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Prudential, Humana, Merck, Walmart and Deloitte.

"We had 460 resumes to hire 18,000 positions in the United States. So, that's about a 4 percent rate. About 83 percent of the veterans that we interview, we hire," says Craig Dannon with Deloitte.

In Deloitte's Cleveland office, a couple dozen employees once served our country.

"If anyone understands the commitment these young people have made, it's other veterans. And it means a lot to me," says Deloitte employee Jerry Doyle, who served in Vietnam.

He says corporations couldn't ask for better trained employees.

"The idea of teamwork is very important in business as it is in military career. Discipline, respect for the individual."

These top companies actively recruit former military for those reasons alone. And with so many finishing active duty, there will be a pool of talent to choose from.

There is aHiring our Heroes event in Akron on Oct 9. Clickhere for more information.