CLEVELAND -- We asked three runners to run for an hour on treadmills and hydrate with three different types of liquid.

Jeremy Verdi drank water and kept up a seven minute mile pace to complete 8.1 miles and says he felt great.

Kevin Landis drank a sports drink that helped him replace the sodium and potassiuim he lost through sweating and managed to do 7.7 miles. He felt good and thought he could have run longer.

But the energy drink didn't live up to its name for Geoff Weber. Running an hour is usually not a problem for him and some believe the sugar and caffeine would give him an extra boost, but it did anything but.

"At about 35 minutes I almost had to stop," Geoff says.

He said the carbonation was difficult on his stomach and caused him to feel run down and simply awful. He's sure itaffected his performance. He still managed to complete 7.5 miles but it was very difficult.

Cleveland Clinic dietician, Kate Patton, says it's key for anyone doing exercise for more than an hour to consider using a sports drink to help replace the electrolytes lost by sweating. She also said it's a good idea for people who are also doing shorter exercise sessions that are more intense.

Otherwise, for the casual runner or sport athlete, Patton says water is probably your best option.