Toyota's top sales executive says he sees the company hiring more people to build more cars right here in America. CEO of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Jim Lentz, says it makes sense to build here is because the yen is so strong against the dollar. A strong yen cuts into the overseas earnings of Japanese automakers and harder to make products cheaper. In the past 8 months, Toyota announced 3,500 new jobs in North America.

The heat we've had could be tough on your tires. Hot weather exasperates heat build up and weakens the tire. If you don't have the right pressure, your sidewall takes a toll. Consumer Reports is reminding people to keep your tires inflated to avoid a flat.

Remember those Reebok EasyTone and RunTone shoes that promised to lift and tone your backside? Well, if you didn't get the shape you wanted, at least you'll get a check in the mail. The government reached a settlement with Reebok after alleging the shoemaker falsely advertised those products. The F.T.C. started sending that money today to about 315,000 consumers.