Weather may play a big role in this year's Republican National Convention, being held in Tampa, Florida, from Aug. 27th to 29th.

Tropical Storm Isaac, which recently formed in the Atlantic Ocean, could be on a collision course for the very city where the convention is taking place. Due to Mother Nature's impending threat, convention organizers are keeping a close eye to sky. It turns out, though, this is not the first time the Republican National Convention has been impacted by weather, directly or indirectly.

While there was fairly great weather for the 2008 Republican National Convention held from September 1st to 4th in St. Paul, Minnesota, it was not so great other places, like the Gulf coast.

Days before the convention, Hurricane Gustav barreled toward the Gulf coast, leading to thousands of evacuations, including evacuations from the city of New Orleans, a city that was still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina's devastation only three years earlier. Hurricane Gustav eventually made landfall as a category 2 hurricane on Aug. 31st, a day before the official start of the convention, but out of respect for the victims of the hurricane, the Republican Convention was postponed for one day.

During the 2004 Republican National Convention, held from Aug. 30th to Sept. 2nd, the weather was fairly calm across New York City, where the convention was held, but only days earlier then Hurricane Gaston made landfall over the Carolinas, moving into Virginia before moving back into the Atlantic Ocean and passing within a close distance to New York City.

During the 1992 Republican Convention, held from Aug. 17th to 20th, a record breaking cold snap hit the Houston, TX area due to a strong cold front moving through Texas. The temperature in Houston on Aug. 18th dipped down to 62 degrees for a low, which is still a record today. The cold front that caused the record Texas chill would later interact with Hurricane Andrew as it made its way across Florida.