AKRON -- It's a flurry of color and teeming with timid tranquility. Beauty in Flight: Butterflies of North America, is an interactive exhibit of domestic butterflies at Akron's historic Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

The exhibit, which is only open a few more weeks, features a swath of the gentle critters including the Monarch, Red Admiral, Viceroy, Painted Lady, Sulphur and Buckeye butterflies.

Photos: Butterflies atStan Hywet

"They have no bone structure, and typically as an adult butterfly, they last (live) about three to four weeks," Stan Hywet volunteer Jim Ruby said.

The butterflies are contained inside a screened-in garden that's filled with vividly colorful flowers that dance in the light breeze as it cuts through.

Guests -- especially youngsters -- are invited to catch a butterfly on the end of a cotton swab that has been soaked in nectar.

"If they get the tip close to the butterfly, in the front of the butterfly, it tastes with its feet," Ruby explained. "And it will be tasting the sugar and then it will fasten onto the Q-tip and the kids can carry it around."

There'snot much time left to experience the butterflies because the exhibit will flutter away on September 16. It initially opened in late June.

Stan Hywet is open six days a week (closedMondays).