CLEVELAND -- Downtown's Horseshoe Casino is still raking in the millions, and it shows no sign of slowing down as August revenue numbers are released.

"I'm losing, like always," said Brandi Reesey, who has visited the casino twice from her home in Pennsylvania.

It isn't making money that brings Reesey back. But her spins, and maybe yours too, have helped keep Cleveland's casino going.

Last month, the casino pulled in $22.8 millionin revenue. If it continues at that rate, that's more than $270 milliona year.

The state's cut of 33 percent means Cleveland's casino will put $90 million back in the communities, about $30 million to be split among Ohio's schools.

And the state's tax revenue is already paying out. This quarter the city of Cleveland collected $1.2 million.

"I think it's done exactly what we hoped it would do," said Joe Marinucci, the president and CEO of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

What was the hope? A better business climate.

"Parking taxes, admission taxes, things of that nature, aside from the casino taxes, are also on the upswing," said Marinucci.

And nearby restaurants, hotels and shops are seeing a difference as well. John Q's Steakhouse has added staff and is considering a weekend lunch.

"It's a nice feeling to be able to be busier than we had been," said owner Rick Cassara, who has been in business there for twenty years.

"We're not totally there yet, but I think this is a real good start. I'm looking forward to the Medical Mart opening and convention center, that's really going to help the whole downtown."

And you can see it right on the sidewalk.

"Seems like there's a bunch more people than there used to be," said Reesey."Right now we're tracking to bring close to six million visitors annually into downtown Cleveland. And that's a fabulous number," said Marinucci.

HorseshowCasino's General Manager Marcus Glover released this statement:

"We are pleased and encouraged by our current revenue numbers, which continue to be driven by very strong attendance. Horseshoe Cleveland has hosted nearly 1.8 million guests since we opened in May and we are looking forward to continuing to serve as one of Downtown Cleveland's top entertainment destinations."

"We are pleased with our monthly results as August is a traditionally slow month. September is off to a great start with the culmination of a very strong Ultimate Jackpot promotion and we are looking forward to finishing the month on a positive note."