CLEVELAND -- Northeast Ohio has long been known for its health care industry, but it's also one of the nation's fastest growing region for biotechnology.

In fact, there's so many new jobs, employers are looking for creative ways to find workers.

Andrew Trotch has only been out of school for five years, but in that time he's seen the biomedical industry explode - right here in Cleveland.

"It's been a pretty big growth. When I graduated it was in 2007, and I had a hard time finding my first job out of school," said Trotch.

After what he calls less than fulfilling work, he looked again this time online.

Employers having trouble finding talent have taken to the web. Next week the Cleveland Biomedical Job Fair, a virtual hiring event, hopes to fill open positions just like his. It worked for him last year.

"I got several call backs and I had several interviews, and like I said before, from the first interview, I knew that I wanted to be here," he said.

At the Cleveland Cord Blood Center, lab techs like Trotch harvest stem cells from umbilical cord blood from consenting families.
"We're going to be growing here soon. We're taking on two more hospitals," he said.

Associate director Marcie Finney says then the non-profit, public bank makes the treatments available to cancer patients around the globe. Insurance typicallycovers the treatment, and there's no cost to cord blood donors.

"One of our survivors Diana calls it the ultimate recycling program because it saved her life," said Finney.

With additional collection sites, the center will be doubling their workload and their workforce in 2013.

"We're classically a manufacturing city with steel mills and automobile plants. And I think it's great to see hopefully we're going to retain college graduates here. And have better jobs that have meaning. And are looking to the future," she said.

You can register for the job fair, or find more information onbiomedical opportunities by clicking on this link.