MIAMI -- Peanut is an 8-year-old orangutan and a star attraction at Miami's Jungle Island. These days she's also got a team of cancer doctors around her.

Peanut, who was diagnosed with non-Hogkin lymphoma, has been undergoing chemotherapy to treat the aggressive cancer since August. While other animals are treated with chemo, it's not common among orangutans.

Peanut's diagnosis came when her veterinary team found she had an intestinal obstruction and further testing revealed the cancer.

The private zoo had no board certified veterinary oncologist on staff and turned to doctors at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine for help. They're providing guidance for Peanut's treatment.

Dr. Joseph Rosenblatt says it's impossible to know the outcome but says Peanut is a model patient and hopefully will be a cancer survivor.

By SUZETTE LABOY, Associated Press