COLORADO SPRINGS - Wendy Witte thought her son Robert Xavier's ashes were gone forever.

Someone stole his urn from a hotel parking lot Saturday.

Police found the urn and returned it to Witte Sunday evening.
"I'm happy," Witte said. "I'm totally elated."

Our sister station, KUSA, spoke with the man who found the urn, but he asked not to be identified.

He says he was dumpster diving at an apartment complex on the 2800 block of Airport Road Sunday when he found a yellow backpack inside a dumpster.

The man took it out, looked inside, and thought he found an expensive antique.

Then he realized that it contained the stolen ashes of a young boy that had been taken Saturday morning from a hotel parking lot.

Colorado Springs police first began getting calls early Saturday morning about a string of break-ins at three hotels in the area.

Colorado Springs police say thieves smashed the windows of 11 cars.

They stole mostly electronics, and Witte's urn.

"My son's urn was in there," Witte said. "It was my urn, I know, because I had little stickers on it. Polar bear, Coca-Cola stickers. It was his."

Robert Xavier died in 1997.

He was the victim of a random shooting on a California freeway.

"Somebody sat on the passenger side window and shot over 15 rounds," Witte said. "The bullet went past me and got him in his car seat. The bullet went through his coca cola bear. And I had him cremated with his bear. I had him cremated so I could take him if I moved. And I did move, so I could have him with me."

Witte moved to Colorado Springs and was staying at the Radisson on the 1600 block of North Newport Road over the weekend as she and her family waited to get the keys to their new place.

"I was devastated. The first thing I saw when I looked in the car was the backpack's gone," Witte said. "I was horrified. I was like 'Oh my God I lost him again. Somebody took him again.'"

The urn is now home where it belongs.

"I'm just grateful that they had a conscience and somebody said something," Witte said. "I'm so happy. I got him back. That's all that matters. God answered my prayers."

Police are now looking for two men, spotted leaving the area shortly after the break-ins.