CLEVELAND -- Motorcycle riders will use any excuse to hit the road and ride their bikes. Saturday though no excuse was needed. Riders hit the road for the firstannual"The City Mission's Ride with a Mission."

About a hundred bikers gathered in the Parking Lot of Laura's Home, a facility that houses women and children- the ride ended at the Mission's main campus at East 55th & Carnegie.

Everyone had a different reason for being there. For friends, Tim Bodenmiller, David Valentine and Rob Whitty it was a chance to show support for the Mission, and alsoa chance to honor a late friend. Clarence Jancecka volunteered as a preacher at the mission for 30-years.

It was a beautiful day for a ride but another beautiful moment happened shortly before the bikers left the parking lot of Laura's Home. Two-year-old Terrii-on Jones, who is a resident, saw the motorcycles from his apartment window.

His mom brought him downstairs and into the parking lot where he had the chance to see, and even try-out some of the motorcycles. For his mom, Terriiana Jones, who found shelter at the home back on August 8th, what was happening was overwhelming.

"Joy! That he is having so much fun, he is seeing all the bikes and people that are out here that care for us," Terriianna said. She says her time at Laura's Home has helped her strengthen her Christian Faith and get back on the right path. "It helps you just to settle, seek yourself, search yourself, and stay focused, go on the right path."

As for the bikers who watched and helpedTerrii-on jump on and of the bikes it was a great moment to see the people they were actually helping.

"I believe you can change the world one person at-a-time," said Rob Whitty, who snapped his helmet on Terrii-on and helped him on his bike.

The administrators at Laura's Home are forced to turn-away dozens of potential residents each week because they do not have enough space. The City Mission does not accept any federal or state funding. The organization relies solely on donations and fundraisers like the one Saturday.