40 teams of drivers are racing towards Wellsboro, PA as part of the Fireball Run. During each leg of the race they will be given missions and bonus point opportunities. Here's what they face in Day 2:


To locate a famed eatery built on the ashes of a reservoir house, which inevitably became a burger stand in the 30's , and inevitably grew into a tiny restaurant earning its name when the then owner held a $5.00 contest.

And their bonus opportunities:

"Don't Fall For It"

Clue: If you've got a keen eye you may locate these majestic fall on route to Wellboro, PA. For 15 bonus points, snap a photo of a member of your team and the vehicle with the falls in the background "exactly" as seen in this picture (attached) . . . is it real or just an old Indian trick?

"It's Good to be King"

Clue: On route to Passage control is the town of Belfast, originally called Orrinsburgh was formed on March 24th, 1824. The name was changed to Belfast on April 21st, 1825 in honor of its settlers, the most notable of which is Samuel King. for 5 bonus points, get a photo of your co-driver with Samuels boyhood home just a few blocks from his store, which is still in operation to this day.

Think you know the answers to these clues? Post them in the submission box on our Fireball Run page. Your answers and words of encouragement will be sent directly to the drivers of Team 99, Northeast Ohio's entry into the field.


The chief is not available prior to 11:45 am or after 1:45 pm. You're almost to Passage Control! But, not before finding the Chief near a park named for his men ... conveniently located somewhere between where you are and where you are going. Try to coax the Chief out of his hat for a photo with a member of your team, then request a department patch. Keep in mind, the photo only counts if someone from the team is wearing Chief's hat. The patch must be sewn to the sleeve of your Competitor jersey prior to clocking in at Passage Control.