In the three days after its launch, 5 million iPhone 5 units were sold. That doesn't sound very disappointing, but analysts were expecting higher sales numbers. Apple's not upset. They say demand exceeded supply for most models and they would have sold more if more phones were available. The iPhone 5 was only released in certain countries and will go on sale in 22 more countries this Friday.

Help could be on the way for stay-at-home parents denied credit cards. Right now, the law requires credit card issuers to consider an applicant's individual income, not household income. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to change that. The agency is expected to propose a new rule to Congress in November that would remove that roadblock. Details will be released then.

Need an extra jolt for cheap? It's National Coffee Week and some restaurants are pouring free cups of joe. Certain McDonalds locations are offering free coffee every day this week through Saturday. You have to checktheir websitefor exact locations. To see if your location offers free coffee, scroll along the map, go to the "restaurant homepage" to see the ad.