CLEVELAND -- People were lining up and camping out - not for the newest iPhone, or hottest toy, butto cast their ballots.

Early voting in-person and by mail starts Tuesday morning, and supporters of the Obama campaign held a "Sleep Out the Vote" event in front of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, to get the word out about early voting.

State Senator Nina Turner, (D)-25th District,led the Cleveland effort. She wanted to be the first to cast her ballot when theelections office opened at 8AM.

"These are the lengths I will go to!" said Turner, as she unrolled a sleeping bag inside a tent on the sidewalk. "I've never camped out on a sidewalkbefore, and I'm blessed to have the luxury of doing this, but this goes to show you how this is so very important.It's a symbol of early voting and it's that important that I'm willing to stay out here."

16-year old Jacob Pearlman came alone, all the way from Solon, so he could camp downtown.It means missing some classes in the morning, but to him, it means that much.

"Because [the President] has affected me so much. With the affordable care act, I can stay on my parents' plan until I'm 26," he said.

But critics of early voting say, that with the Presidential debates yet to begin, voters may still want to change their minds. In 2008, candidate Obama held only a 2-percentage point lead over John McCain in early voting. But in the following weeks, there was a shift in votes. On election day, Obama's margin of victory was more than 7 points.