As theWeather Channel plans to name major winter storms starting this year, Dairy Queen has hopped into the mix.

The fast food chain is offering up its official Blizzard names to the Weather Channel free of charge.

"Obviously a blizzard is a serious weather situation," Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing said in a press release. "But we thought since the Weather Channel is naming blizzards, we would lend them our Blizzard treat names should they need them. Because our signature Blizzard treats are world famous, we feel it's our civic duty to make this offer to the Weather Channel."

Despite Dairy Queen's offer, the Weather Channel has already announced 26 names (one for each letter of the alphabet) for the 2012-2013 winter storm season. Some of those names include Athena, Brutus, Ceasar, Draco, Freyr, Helen and Gandolf.

Dairy Queen's Blizzards have been available since 1985. There's even a fan club, which has amassed 4.3 members since starting in 2005.