CLEVELAND --As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking to take a trip. Tickets are expected to be as high as $420, right after airlines report record profits.

Since 2008, airlines have reevaluated the way they fly by adding a fee for every service they provide. Now the top nine airlines in the United States banked $1.7 billion, just on the fees for your checked bags.

"I flew from Vegas to Mississippi and that was $100 a bag almost, you know. That is ridiculous to me," said Eddy Cooper, of Mississippi.

In addition to baggage fees, airlines brought in $1.3 billion by people cancelling their flight or changing their reservations. Together, the top nine airlines raised $2.3 billion in profit in the second quarter.

This year, Delta rakedin the most money at $823 million. United was second with $686 million and American Airlines rounded out the top 3 with $549 million.

"I think they made just a little too much and can bring the prices down. I don't feel like they are working for their passengers," says Andrea Redd, of Atlanta.

As more airlines merge and new fees arise, airlines could make over $4 billion by the end of this year.