CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio-- More than 10,000 supporters crowded the parking lot of the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium to see Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney deliver a speech on jobs and the economy.

Romney is enjoying a surge in the polls, and in momentum, following last week's debate.He returned to Northeast Ohio for a rally in Summit County, a potential swing county in a swing state.

A vast majority --three out offourregistered voters in Cuyahoga Falls --do not identify themselves with any political party. The Romney campaign hopes to sway undecided voters in this blue collar city with his plan to turn around the economy by helping small businesses.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie got the crowd going by calling for the end of the Obama administration infour weeks.

The crowd followed with chants of "Four more weeks!Four more weeks!"

Carol Kmiecik, of Lakewood, brought her daughter, Grace, to the rally.Grace is an undecided voter who says she is "leaning toward Obama."

"Oh, she's young. She'll learn!" said her mother, lightheartedly.

Winning undecided voters is seen as the key to winning Ohio, but they may take the most convincing.After hearing Romney's 30-minute speech, Carol Kmiecik was impressed.

"He's the smartest man and he'll make a wonderful President," she said.

However, her daughter was still undecided.

"Oh, they all just say what they think people want to hear. I still don't know," she said.