CLEVELAND -- It's one of the most closely-watched Congressional races in the country. And it's one of only two races pitting incumbents against each other.

Democrat Betty Sutton faced off with Jim Renacci, debating at the Cleveland City club.

She's served three terms . He's served one.

They are pitted against each other by a new Republican drawn 16th district that has more of Renacci's old district than Sutton's.

And that redistricting was part of the debate.

Sutton charged Renacci played a role in creating the district's boundaries.

"He was communicating with them to find how much of my district was included with his district to make sure that advantage was still there," she claimed.

Renacci denied that.

"I'd love to hear her facts on that because I'm sure she doesn't have any. It's factless," he answered.

The candidates have polar opposite opinions on virtually all issues including creating jobs, taxes, tackling the deficit and Obamacare.

Many voters in the new district are just learning about them.

On the government's role in creating jobs, Sutton urged building infrastructure and following policies that bolster the middle class.

"Jobs are created when demand for products is there. Demand is created by fighting for a vibrant middle class," she said.

Renacci countered that less regulation, lower taxes and more certainty for small business owners is what is needed.

"If you are a small businessman today, you don't know what your taxes are going to be and what regulations will be in affect nxt January and what your health care costs are going to be...When you get certainty and predictability, you are willing to create jobs," he said.

Sutton's supporters included union members, seniors and veterans.

Business people, conservatives and Republican officeholders showed up to back Renacci.

A planned City Club debate Thursday between 9th District candidates Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Republican Challenger "Joe the Plumber" , Samuel Wurzelbacher is cancelled. Wurzelbacher claimed he couldn't make it.

Kaptur will get an hour to make her case solo.