CLEVELAND -- There's noquestion that downtown Cleveland's shoreline is one of its best resources. But in some spots, the waterfront can look more like a garbage dump than a destination.

Today the Port of Cleveland announced a new program to clean up Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River.

Channel 3's Jennifer Lindgren brings us the details.

There's ahuge push underway to bring more people to the waterfront. Unfortunately, the city hasn't had a vessel dedicated to cleaning the harbor in many years. And it can get really dirty.

But two new boats, appropriately named Flotsam, and Jetsam, will soon be familiar sights on the water. They will be manned by a crew who knows how to make Cleveland look good.

If Glenn Hudson's blue coat looks familiar, it should be. He's one of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassadors now assigned to the new Harbor District.

It's a team of five people working 5 days a week during boating season, pulling just about everything out of the water.

Cleveland Cuyahoga Port Authority Port CEO Will Friedman says with new investments along the waterfront, visitors will have their eyes on the lake and the Cuyahoga River.