CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Dozens of parents, grandparents and tax payers spoke out at a school board meeting Wednesday night.

They are frustrated after the Ohio State Auditor released a report detailing $4.2 million stolen over several years.

The audit implicates Joseph Palazzo, a former IT director for the district.

Palazzo has not been charged; the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor is now investigating.

Channel 3 spoke exclusively with the school board member who reported the missing numbers to the state.

Many who spoke out at the meeting came with two questions: how millions of dollars could go unnoticed, and what will be done to prevent it from happening again.

Superintendent Edwin Holland, who was not with the district at the time of the crime, says he is working to restore the community's faith.

Holland says new measures of accountably in operations have already been implemented. The superintendent plans to talk more about those measures at a meeting next Wednesday (Oct. 24) at 6:30 p.m.

Holland told the crowd:

"You guys have lost faith in your board and your school district. That is so difficult to regain. Now that we know more specifics, it's our job to make sure it doesn't happen again."

But many parents want to know if the updates will be enough. Some are concerned that more people may be involved in the missing money; they want people who were negligent to be held accountable too.

"We need to do a full audit of all the books. We the people own this building. When allegations are brought forward, they need to be fully investigated," said Ben Rosolowski, a Cuyahoga Heights parent.