MADISON, Ohio-- A candy shop burglar appears to have had a change of heart, by paying back his misdeeds.

AtThe Red Berry Candy Shopon Hubbard Road in Madison, an unwelcome visitor did somethingdownright rotten last June.

"Somebody had come in and took, I'd say about $100 in money," said owner Candy Nichols - yes - she loves her befittingname.

"As customers leave, they'll say, 'And what's your name?' And I'll say 'Candy.' And they're like, 'No!' And I say, 'Yeah, it works!'"

Nichols says a sweet-toothed thief, whoclearly has a taste forSour Razzles, broke into the shop, cleaned out the register,broke a bottle of Coke, and left a sticky mess.

ButNichols shrugged off the break-in.

Then two Sundays ago, when her husband opened the door, he found an amazing surprise: Someone slipped an envelope through the crack in the door. It was addressed to the store, but had no name or address on it, and no explanation.

"He opened it up, and there was $120 in there, and he called me up and says, 'Do you know anything about this?' And I'm like, no."

After more thought, Nichols concluded that the thief must have had a change of heart. She decided that one good turn deserves another.

"If they can turn around and make restitution, then they deserve forgiveness," she said.

So come Christmas time, Nichols plans to decorate the storefront with a special tree, holding a message for the thief.

"We're gonna put one bulb on it. And it's gonna say, 'You're forgiven,' she said. "They did something right. They should be totally forgiven. Period. I don't want to know who, and I don't want to know why. They're totally forgiven."

How sweet it is.