CLEVELAND -- RTA has filed disorderly conduct charges in Beachwood against passenger Shidea Lane for her actions on Sept. 18, which werecaptured on video and spread all over the internet.

RTA's charges were filed in Beachwood on the basis that misconduct on public transportation is a crime.

"We are working with our unions to strengthen rules to protect employees and our customers against misconduct, as well as to increase penalties," RTA said in a press release.

In the now-viral video, Lane is seen having an argument with the man driving the bus, Artis Hughes. The video showsLane hitting Hughes before he rises to his feet and punches her with an uppercut.

Hughes had told police that he was defending himself because she had hit and spit on him.

Neither filed charges against the other.

Hughes remains suspended without pay from RTAasthe investigation continues.

Shortly after the video went viral, it ignited a whirlwind of chatter on social media with #getoffmybus and #uppercut gaining popularity on Twitter.