GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio -- Geauga County Sheriff's officials are warning residents about a phone scam involving callers falsely claiming to be with the county sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office has received several recent complaints about male callers claiming to be investigators,saying that the person who answers the phone is in trouble with the "county sheriff's office."

These callers request personal information like your complete name, social security number and more.

Sheriff's officials advise to never give your personal information or social security number over the phone.

Other recent phone scams include people claiming to be a family member asking for bail moneyor sweepstakes claiming you won a prize. The prize scam also comes in the mail. If you did not enter the contest, it should be considered a scam, officials say.

Sheriff's officials remind everyone to lock homes and cars because most thefts are simple opportunity theft when things are left unlocked.

If you have any questions or want to report suspicious activity, please call either Lt. Hiscoxat (440) 279-2059 or county dispatch at (440) 286-1234.