CLEVELAND -- How do you celebrate what could be the last warm weather day of the year? Just about any way you can.

"I could have this weather everyday," said Evie Pratt.

The reality in Cleveland: Enjoy it while you can. That's what brought Evie Pratt and her son Jonathan to the park.

"I even skipped a meeting kind of, because it was so nice," said Pratt. "I'm like, I don't want to drive to the other side of town."

She wasn't alone.

"I woke my son up out of his sleep to come to the park. I wanted to read and I wanted him to have fun while it lasts," said Jill Bragg.

"This is super weird. Super weird," said Brandon Baker, of the warm weather. "We're going to spend the whole day outside today."

Could one last scoop of summer can be good for business too? At Tremont Scoops ice cream and lunch spot, owner Marianne Ludwig says yes.

"Well, of course in Cleveland, you're always happy when the sun shines. And 80 degrees is just a nice bonus," said Ludwig.

"Makes me feel like why am I working? Instead of golfing?" said Sean Murphy, who's company, Harmon, is working on the Medical Mart building. "It just gives you that one, last nice taste of summer."

At Great Lakes Brewing Company, the taste is of Christmas...ale that is. The two-month early tapping was scheduled way before the forecast came out.

While the record-breaking heat is thrilling, it's not what anyone expected.

"Not at the end of October, like when I was younger, it was like snowing and stuff. This is awesome," said Michael Spragg, who enjoyed lunch outside before work. "This is flip-flop weather."