CLEVELAND -- President Barack Obama made a 19-minute speech after Air Force One landed on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland.

Among his remarks:

"...knock on some doors with me...we're going to finish what we started...we will win Cuyahoga County...we will win Ohio..."

"...you can choose a foreign policy from Gov. Romney that is reckless and wrong..."

"..Ohio...it's now up to you to chose the future you want for this country...for the next generation..."

"..No one should have to fight for a job when you've fought for your country.."

"...I also want to make sure that our kids and our workers are better trained...I want to train 2 million workers..."

"I have a plan...the plan works...I want you to look at this plan...I want you to know what's in the plan, what's better for you"

(WKYC at Burke Lakefront says the crowd has been estimated at 12,000 people here to listen to the President)

"I was proud and humbled to learn today that we got Colin Powell's support..."

"...when I get up in the morning, I think about you...when I walk into the Oval Office, I am thinking about you..."

(Crowd has begun to chant "Four more years")

President says we "joke about Romnesia but it is a serious issue..."

"..if you start feeling a temperature, your eyes are getting blurry...you need to know that Obamacare covers you..."

"...the auto industry supports one on 8 jobs in Ohio...I refuse to walk away from those people...I bet on American workers..."

When President mentions Romney's name, the crowd boos and the President says "Don't boo, VOTE"

"...(Romney) is counting on you to forget (before Obama took office) and he wants you to come down with a case of 'Romnesia'"

"I am asking for your vote now...we've already had 3 debates and a year of campaigning...we have had too many TV commercials...sorry about that, Ohio..."

"..I still have a spring in my step..because we are fighting for our future...I have come to Ohio today to ask you for your vote"

"This is the last stop on our 48-hour fly around the country...we just made a quick stop in Chicago so I could vote..."