CLEVELAND -- This is much more than just a rivalry. This is where families and friends divide and the final score is etched in history.

There's the Hatfields and theMcCoys, the democrats and the Republicans butnothing holds a candle to the longstanding rivalry that plays out one week every October -- otherwise known as "holy week."

It was the early 70's when they rescheduled andstarted it up again. Therewas a big crowd, right away.

Once those players step out on the field, there'sthe nerves, the adrenaline, the verbal jabs back and forth and that'sjust the fans.

It's just a different feel fromother games.

So what is it about this game that gets both sides, current and former students, emotionally invested?

A lot of people went to school together and a lot of people work together from the same schools.

Outside of football and outside of the field you can be friends. But onceyou step on the field, you're not friends anymore.

The winner gets bragging rights for a lifetime...or atleast until these two teams meet again, hopefully, in the playoffs.