CLEVELAND -- He works hard during the day at one of the nation's biggest law firms but it's not what he does to prepare himself for court that's important.

As one of the biggest law firms in the nation, Tucker and Ellis is a destination spot for lawyers. Not because of the work they do in the courtroom but the passion they have outside of it, the passion for volunteering.

"We give them the opportunity, if they have something they're passionate about out in the community to go pursue that, " said Joe Morford.

He not only shows his colleagues how important volunteering is buthis family as well.

Daughter Jessica Morford says, "We really like doing it because, at the end of the day, it feels good to know that you helped someone."

Volunteering at the West Side Catholic Center,Joe and his wife use the time to teach their children the values they believe in.

"Be honest, be nice, work hard and do your best. Volunteer work kind of feeds in to the 'be nice" element of that and then the work hard and do your best element." Said Morford.

"If you think about it, you could just stay home and not do anything and then you wouldn't feel good. You'll just have a normal day." Says Jessica.