It's a big night for video game enthusiasts. The latest "Call of Duty" game is released at midnight. Every year, a Call of Duty game is released and sales break the previous year's record.

In 2011,first day sales of the game surpassed 400 million dollars. Retailers are expecting to see another record-breaking night. And in the past, employers reported a lot of "sick outs," with a lot of employees absent the next day.

J.C. Penny likes tradition around the holiday season.That's why they say they are going keep going with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Store executives promise the lowest prices ever in the history of the company.You might remember, it was almost a year ago that J.C. Penny said they changed their pricing strategy to offer the lowest prices possible all year long, not just on promotional days like Black Friday.

Your Thanksgiving turkey is a high-priced bird this year. The cost of turkey is up four cents a pound compared to last year. The American Farm Bureau Federation estimates a 16-pound turkey will cost about $22.23. We can all blame the drought. Farmers saw a higher price for grain to fatten that turkey up. B But that doesn't mean you can't find a deal.Typically, stores price turkeys competitively to get you in the store for other items..