JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Police tell Channel 3 that 10 more victims have beenidentified on video in the investigation into former coach Scott Studer's videotaping of Jackson High School students naked in the boys' locker room.

That brings the total number of victims to 74.

Police say Studer, 46, the head freshman basketball coach put cameras in the boys' locker rooms shower area on multiple occasions dating back to 2005.

He remains inthe Stark County jail, so farfacing eight felony charges of illegal use of a minor in nudity.

Studer is well known in the community, and was well liked by the students at Jackson High School. He has coached basketball for 27 years and is an alumnus of Jackson High School.

He resigned the day he was arrested.

In addition to coaching, he'd been employed as a building aide, checking visitors in and out of the front office. Studer also had access to security cameras at the school.

Jackson Township Police assistedU.S. Postal Inspectors in serving a search warrant at Studer's home Nov. 14, in a separate investigation of child pornography.

Inside the home, they discovered media, containing footage from inside the basketball locker room shower area.

Upon questioning Studer, police learned Studer had assembled and disassembled hidden cameras in the locker room as he went in and out of the facility over the years.

Police believe more charges are pending, on a state and federal level. Investigators are not sure how many hours of footage Studer recorded, or how many students he filmed over the years.

High School parents who found out about the investigation through their children are angry that the district did not notify parents first.