CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Police spent several hours removing evidence from inside the home of Camilia Terry Tuesday evening.

Terry's 3-year-old son, Emilliano Terry, was discovered dead in a trash bag at a waste processing facility Monday.

Police are investigating his death as a homicide. Camilia Terry, 20, is in police custody, awaiting charges related to the death of her son. Her other two young children are in protective custody.

Tuesday evening, detectives and a crime scene photographer returned to Terry's apartment at E. 130th Street and Buckeye Road.

They removed several large brown paper bags of evidence from inside the home and took measurements out behind the building, near the dumpster.

At the intersection, a children's memorial is growing. Neighbors, friends and strangers continue to add balloons and stuffed animals, as well as handwritten notes...small offerings of comfort for a child that is no longer alive.

Wednesday night, the community will gather for two candlelight vigils; one at 5:30 p.m. at the Kossuth Park playground where the search for Emilliano Terry began and another outside the apartment building at 8 p.m.