Anticipation is growing for tonight's Powerball drawing. The jackpot is currently at $550 million.

Stats experts say the odds of someone winning are 1 in 75 million. Those same experts say with those odds, you are 33 times as likely to be attacked by killer bees and 50 times as likely to be struck by lightning.

The only way to assure you will win is to buy up every single combination of numbers. The projected cost for that: $400 million.

When it comes to selecting your number, keep in mind if you like numbers such as 7 or 11, they are probably the favorites of many other millionaire hopefuls as well.

Many players like to play anniversary or birthday dates, which means the numbers 1 to 31 are selected more often than 32 to 59.

If you do win, previous winners say have a good plan in place about handling the money and don't automatically quit your job. They also warn that big payouts can bring isolation and in some cases can cost a winner friendship or relationships.

If you win as part of an office pool, experts say get some things in writing before the drawing to spare you headaches and litigation later.