CLEVELAND -- Mayor Frank Jackson is committing to providing police with dashcams or personal "officer-cams" over the next three years.

Mayoral spokesperson Maureen Harper told Channel 3 the city has $2.4 million in last year's capital improvements budget that's been identified for that purpose.

The money is in the 2012 capital improvement budget, equally split between 2013, 2014, and 2015.

The city currently has about 20 cars with dashcams under a pilot program. There are about 370 marked cars in the fleet.

Councilman Zack Reed has been crusading for dashcams over the last decade.

The recent police chase that ended with two suspects being shot and killed revived the debate about whether the city should get them.

The city will soon be testing cameras that an officer can wear on his or herhat or uniform to see which model should be purchased.

Both police unions are in favor of the cameras.

Reed says the cameras would protect both citizens and officers in showing what actuallyhappens during chases.