CLEVELAND -- City Councilman Zack Reed and the City of Cleveland honoredall Cleveland 4th District police officers who gave their lives in service to the community with a memorial dedication Wednesday.

"These officers gave the ultimate sacrifice to my community," Reed said. "Every day hundreds of Cleveland police officers head off to work with the reality they may not return home. This memorial serves as a testament to the commitment of these officers and a reminder to each of us of the important, and often dangerous, work these men and woman perform day in and day out."

The memorial is at theFourth District Police Station at9333 Kinsman Road.

Discussion for a memorial began in 2008 with the tragic death of Fourth District Officer Derek Owens, who was killed in the line of duty on March 1, 2008.

The memorial will honor Officer Owens and other fallen officers from the district.

Reed thanked Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Cleveland City Council, the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association and the RTA for helping move this project forward.

Funding for the police memorial came from public and private donations.