CLEVELAND -- About 300 companies and organizations are gathering at the I-X Center this week to trade information and develop business connections pertaining to Ohio's fracking boom.

The event is twice as large as it was last year. It was moved from a smaller location in Canton.

David Hill, a well owner and Secretary of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, said the Oilfield Expo is an attempt to get all aspects of the growing industry at one event and under one roof.

Hill said, "This industry has already spent three billion dollars on goods, services and employees in Ohio. By 2015, this industry will create 200,000 new jobs."

The Association paid for a comprehensive survey projecting Ohio's industry growth using Pennsylvania's experiences.

Numerous Northeast Ohio companies are cashing in on the fracking "boom," even though the shale wells are outside the area.

Berea's NoShok Inc. makes gauges and devices that measure flow and pressure.

It's recently added 11 workers because of extra business from Utica Shale wells.

Spokesman Jeff Dillen said, "It's allowed us to get our products and our names out there and branch out into an industry maybe we weren't doing as much with...It's allowed our company to grow."

Canton's Furbay Electric Supply delivers electric motors and lights to drillers.

Owner Tom Furbay said, "If we can make connections with oil and gas people, we should be good for a long time, hopefully."

Just 47 Utica shale wells are producing now.Estimates are 4,000 could be drilled by 2015.

The low price of natural gas now and delays building processing plants and pipelines are curbing some drilling for now.

Hill hopes some ordinary citizens will attend the event.

"We want people to kno all the economic benefits the oil and gas shale boom is going to bring to Ohio," he said.

The 2-dayevent endsThursday.