CLEVELAND -- Thirteen Cleveland Police officers, 13 interviews are still to be completed as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation tries to piece together the details about a high-speed chase and a deadly shooting.

"Each one of them had a reason why they had to fire on that night," said Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association President Jeff Follmer.

Now the officers are explaining each of 137 bullets.

"It gives them a fair chance to get their story out, get their perception out."

Follmer says BCI's involvement takes the politics out of Cleveland toRichfield, where he says he hopes the truth can come to light.

"The shot that was fired downtown, that the two officers heard, they heard a gunshot," said Follmer. "There was a guard inside the shack -- right by that goes down into the city hall entrance, the justice center entrance --that heard the shot, and she also thought that they were being shot at."

"This back-firing is coming up, but the officers, down there, in their perception, believe that they know there was a shot fired from that vehicle that started whole chase," he said.

But supporters of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams say neither owned a gun and had no weapon the night they were killed. Both suspects had criminal records.

"Right now, we can't find a gun, and I hope that gun shows up someday, but the officers believe that there was a gun in there," said Follmer.

Forensic gun residue tests should ultimately answer the question, but the evidence is sealed while the investigation continues.

Five interviews were completed Thursday.

While investigators originally expected to be finished with interviews this week, now they think it will be sometime next week.

After BCI finishes, the findings will be turned over to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office.