CLEVELAND --It's been a week since 13 Cleveland Police officers fatally shot and killed two people, following a lengthy police chase.That chase ended in a hail of bullets in East Cleveland.

Thursday night, the community demanded answers from city leaders before at a forum at Abyssinia Baptist Church. Among the crowd of community members, leaders and activists were the families of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

"It could've been kids in that car" said a woman, who identified herself as a cousin of Williams.

Many of those who took to the microphone were deeply concerned about the action of those 13 officers as well as the deaths of the two people killed.

A sister of Russell had only one question of Mayor Frank Jackson and Chief Mike McGrath, who took turns answering the crowd.

"What happened to the call off?"

Chief McGrath explained that the radio transmissions to call off the chase were from supervising officers who were not yet involved in the chase as it drove throughout different districts.

Mike Russell, Timothy's brother, had a follow-up regarding the initial officers' actions.

"Anybody question him about the allegations that a gun was actually fired?"

The chief responded by saying he has not and will not be able to interview the officers involved until the investigation is completed by BCI and the city of East Cleveland.

Chief McGrath did say, however, that surveillance video does show officers "twitching" after hearing a loud noise, which was described by that officer as a gunshot.

No gun was ever recovered from the suspect car, but officers, acting under the belief that there was a gun, fired 137 rounds intothe car,killing Russell and Williams.

The coroner has ruled their deaths a homicide. People were also concerned about the lag time between the time of the incident and the time officers were interviewed as part of the investigation.

We're told the FBI is monitoring and assessing the information as it isobtained by investigating agencies.