CLEVELAND -- Could right to work laws be coming to Ohio? According to a Qunnicpaic University poll, it's more possible than not.

In February, voters surveyed in February said 54% of Ohioans surveyed in support, in comparison to 40% against. In Michigan the Right to Work law came and were enacted without any sort of discussion between lawmakers and the workers it'd effect.

But it's not farfetched for Ohioans. Ohioans for Workplace Freedom is hoping to bring the same debate to our state legislator.

Supporters say, the right to work law on its surface appears to offer individual workers more choice. Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich is opposed.

"When they can ramrod this kind of legislation thru to Michigan, you better bet your bottom dollar its coming," said Congressman Kucinich.

Opponents say with that choice comes a cost for the entire workforce. "Whenever they have these kinds of laws people are working for less, less health benefits and less pension benefits this is a fact," said Congressman Kucinich.