This is a story of hope and perspective from two boys who survived the Chardon school shooting.

In a story you'll only see on Channel 3, bothNick Walczak and Nate Mueller tell their stories of survival and what theyexpect in the upcoming trial of accused shooter TJ Lane.

WKYC's Monica Robins has been following Nick's recovery since a month after the February shooting.

Nick says he's hoping for a "normal" Christmas.

"I've already been given everything I could ever want in my life," Nick says.He adds he plans on doing the giving this year.

The only thing he truly wants is independence, so we connected him with a dog trainer who can provide a service dog. Nick and the Golden Retriever named Turner have about nine months of training before they'll be working together.

Nick and Nate are both preparing themselves for the January trial of TJ Lane.Both expect to testify.

Nate is hoping it won't be necessary.

"I hope it doesn't go to trial, I hope he takes a plea deal," Nate says.

They saw Lane in court for the first time since the shooting last Saturday.

"I thought I'd see this big, tough teenager. He just looked like a little kid to me," Nick says.

"He looked pretty beat up and that made me happy, to see that he's not happy," Nate added.

The two seniors are also helping Chardon High School prepare and plan for the one-year anniversary of the shooting, but they're not sure how the event will be observed yet.