CLEVELAND -- A local coffee company is marking the Mayan calendar by selling an "End of the World" blend.

Phoenix Coffee Company, which operates three coffee shops in the Cleveland area, secured a shipment of coffee beans grown in Central America by the Mayans themselves.

"Mayan coffee, that's right, grown by Mayan farmers," proudly announced Christopher Feran, coffee and marketing director of Phoenix Coffee.

"They still exist, they still live, and they still produce the finest coffee in the world."

The blend will be offered only until the date the Mayan calendar predicts the world will end, that is, Friday, Dec. 21.

"It ends when the world ends. You've got until Friday," Feran said, of his End of the World Blend, which is marketed as "the best cup of coffee you'll never have again."

Some Phoenix Coffeecustomers have been buying several bags at a time this week, Feran told WKYC.

He did not know if they may have been planning to take it with them into the afterlife.