GEAUGA COUNTY -- The Geauga County Sheriff's Office stayed busy Friday night, as snow pummeled this typical snowbelt county.

"It's everything. People getting stuck. Going too quick. Sliding offinto a ditch," said Deputy Jeff Raymond, who is on duty until 5 a.m. Saturday morning.

His patrol car computer glowed with the red and green lights of over 50 accidents Friday evening.

Many of the crashes Raymond attributes to drivers going too fast on hilly, curvy roads, or not having the proper tires to handle the conditions.

On an incline onstate Route 87, a semi truck driver says he was forced to hit his brakeswhen a car in front of him slowed to 5mph.

Once the semi stopped, he couldn't get it going again. Deputies arrived on the scene to divert traffic, sincedrivers who tried to pass the semi would have had to travel into an oncoming lane.

Soon ODOT crews arrived to salt the road around the tires of the big rig. Gary, the truck driver, says he appreciated the response from deputies while he waited.

"Kept a bad situation from getting worse," Gary said.

On state Route422, Amanda Coombs spun into a ditch when a car tried to merge onto the highway and cut her off.

"I've been here for an hour," said Coombs,a Navy sailor on leave from Virginia Beach.

Deputy Raymond arrived and set up flashing lights around her car until a tow vehicle could get there.

"I'm glad (Raymond) did, and that I had someone to check and make sure I was okay. The weather is just horrible out here," Coombs said.

Public workers are here to help, but want to remind people to take it slow, and leave early.These are dangerous conditions for recklessness.