Turning a bad situation into good, that is what a new partnership is doing with foreclosed homes in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Institute of Art was in need of new workstations for students and the Cleveland Foundation wanted to reduce the amount of building martial that would have sent to landfills. Together they were able to come up with a flexible, custom designed workstation called the Hive.

"There will be 130 of these in the design studio." said Dan Cuffaro, The Chair of the Industrial Design at the Cleveland Institute of Art. "They are workstations when some one is working on a computer or drawing developing ideas, they can be reconfigured as exhibition space or for storage."

Cuffaro is also the founder of Abeo Design, the company witch is selling the Hive workstations. "The goal here is to sell these commercially, generate a profit, and provide an alternative income stream for CIA to off set the cost of tuition for students." said Cuffaro.

Currently the workstations are being tested by CIA students before the first large order is produced. It's estimated the first 130 workstations will divert 20 tons of material from landfills. 95% of each workstation is reclaimed or recycled material. The company A Piece of Cleveland or APOC supplies the reclaimed wood and the workstations are manufactured in Seville, Ohio.