LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- When you're a kid, hands down, the best part about Christmas, is jumping out of bed and seeing all the toys Santa brought you.

Especially when you're 5 and when you've been wanting all year 'round for that that special toy.

But Wednesday morning, that excitement turned to horror.

It was hard for Mark Giles's two young sons to see pornographic images on their toy, but it was even harder for him, a dad who tried so hard to make Christmas special.

"About nine images of sexual activity on this toy that he got from Santa that Santa got from GameStop," says Giles.

So GameStop tried to make it right. They told Giles the images were from the previous owner, and they weren't caught before the refurbished device was sold.

"You can't unsee this. He's 5 years old. Maybe when he's 18 or 20, maybe he won't know anything about it, but he's not going to forget about it tomorrow," says Giles.

GameStop says it's currently looking into the situation.

For now, the store has given the family an upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS along with a bunch of games too.

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