ELYRIA --Lawmaker trouble reaching an agreement to avoid the "fiscal cliff" means a tough road ahead for many families.

Starting Saturday in Northeast Ohio and across the nation, two million Americans have been dropped from unemployment.

Fiscal Cliff: Expanded Coverage

Elyria resident Adam Gercak is one of those dropped. For him and his family, times just got a whole lot tougher.

Less than a year ago, Gercak, a celebrated employee for US Bank, was let go.He's been looking for work ever since. "I've applied to over 200 jobs but I can count on my one hand how many interviews I've had," said Gercak.

His wife puts in as many hours as she can at a local restaurant to support the family but it's not enough. They've been relying on Adam's unemployment benefits to bridge the gap in household expenses.

"All the money that we're getting from unemployment has been used for bills and things," he said. Money that has since run out.

With Congress unable to reach a deal on how to avoid going over the fiscal cliff, benefits have been cut, starting Saturday with people, like Adam Gercak.

He was notified by an automated message the Friday before Christmas. "And then it went on to say. It stops... what do you do?"

Employers are wondering the same thing. That uncertainty, experts say, has employers hesitant to hire.

"They're just sitting there, waiting like everyone else is, so while we're waiting, benefits are running out," he said.

It's a situation Adam never imagined he'd be in.

He's planning to fall back on his love for photography, in hopes of earning an income as he waits, yet again, for a deal to be reached or more...for a call back about a job.