As reports circulate that the Browns and Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly are very close to reaching a deal,Channel 3 Sports Anchor Dave Chudowskytalked to radio Voice of the Browns, Jim Donovan, about what a potential Kelly-era in Cleveland would bring for fans.

First and foremost, Donovan says fans who love touchdowns and scoring will find Kelly an exciting prospect at head coach. "Kelly is all about out-scoring you, " Donovan said.

As for Kelly bringing his much admired zone-read offense to Cleveland, Donovan says he believes the system can work at the professional level-if Kelly is willing to modify it. Unlike at the collegiate level, in the NFL there are firm roster limits which means Kelly cannot draw from an unending talent pool to run the offense and will have to find multi-talented players.

The system, Donovan says, requires a quarterback to run and throw which can lead to injuries. As a result, a team will need more than one quarterback ready to go. He adds that this is a system that may actually favor Colt McCoy and not Brandon Weeden, the Browns current starting quarterback.

Donovan says he believes Alabama's Nick Saban was also on the Browns wish list. "I think Nick Saban was the first choice of owner Jimmy Haslam, " said Donovan. But Saban reportedly has passed on the chance, partly because at age 61, Saban may have "decided at this stage of his career that this was more than he wanted to take on."

The biggest hurdle facing Kelly if he comes to Cleveland? Donovan says hands down it is putting together a confident, capable coaching staff. Most of Kelly's current staff will likely remain at Oregon. He says it will be up to the Browns brass to find assistants and coordinators to help Kelly should he come to Cleveland.