If you're a PNC customer, you probably got an email this morning, warning you aboutpossible cyber attacks.

The email stated: "A number of banks in the U.S., including PNC, are seeing an unusually high volume of traffic at their Internet connections. This volume of traffic is consistent with threatened cyber attacks on the U.S. banking system and is designed to cause access delays for legitimate internet customers."

The email goes on to state that`if you have an online disruption, you should use alternative banking methods and go to your local bank branch to do your banking. Channel 3 contacted PNC Corporate Headquarters, where a spokesperson told us customers can help protect themselves by not sharing personal or financial information on non secure websites. Otherwise, PNC security experts are handling the situation.

What was your biggest complaint as a consumer last year? The Cleveland Better Business Bureau compiled the list of businesses that yielded the most complaints from consumers in 2012.

  • Number one? Cell phones and cell phone related services topped the list, with lengthy contracts
  • Rates for data usage, texts and other features.
  • The other businesses that received the most complaints include, Auto Dealers, Cable TV & Satellite services, collection agencies, remodeling & construction companies and furniture retailers.

There are a few things that will cost more in 2013. A new car might give you sticker shock. Manufacturers are passing along the cost of higher fuel standards to consumers. Your groceries will cost you more, thanks to last year's drought. You'll pay 3 percent to 4 percent more. Healthcare premiums are going up for employees, as much as 6 percent. And college tuition is also getting hiked up.