LYNDHURST-- A group of concerned citizens gathered for a panel discussion in Lyndurst Sunday evening. The topic was reversing the trend of gun violence.

Organizers with the Ohio Coalition against Gun Violence pointed out that in 2012 there were a dozen high profile shooting incidents across the United States. Those incidents have a lot of people giving our gun laws a second look.

Currently, 40% of gun sales are completed with no background check at all. In the state of Ohio there are no laws requiring a permit to purchase, registration or licensing of a firearm nor anything requiring guns to be childproof.

Steve Ritchey knows there's no quick fix to gun violence. Still, he believes banning assault rifles and limiting the amount of bullets is a start. "We at the Coalition say that 10 is plenty enough," said Ritchey.

Before the panel got started several people gathered for a candlelight remembrance for shooting victims. They remembered the Chardon high school shooting victims, those who died in the Colorado movie massacre and of then the children of Sandy Hook Elementary, and the adults who died trying to protect them.

"We don't want to forget for one minute even though all of those people were shot there, were children broke our heart we lose 32 people to homicide every day," said Ohio Coalition against Violence Director, Toby Hoover.

Since the Sandy Hook shooting more than 400 others have been shot and killed. The OCAGV is hoping to eliminate further causalities by changing our laws. What to do about guns has sparked a lot of debate.

Just last month, local NRA members told radio show host, Art McCoy that the only people capable of stopping a determined shooter, is a responsible gun owner.

But Jim Levin, a police officer and first responder to the Chardon School shooting believes that and arming teachers with guns would cause more harm than good.

"At the rate things are going now I see there being a very complicated different situation for us in the profession of responding to situations where citizens have taken it upon themselves to end the circumstances by drawing the firearm," said Levin.