CLEVELAND -- The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority continues sustainable practices with addition of "solar farm."

It's taken 15 months and $3 million, but it's time to flip the switch. CMHA is about to start "farming" sunshine.

The 4,212solarpanels were installed on 6 of 12 acres owned by CMHA near their Kinsman and E. 85th streets headquarters.

"It's going to allow us to save millions of dollars over the course of the next 15 years," said CMHA CEO Jeffrey K. Patterson.

The public housing entity partnered with Carbon Vision, a Shaker Heights sustainable energy company. They are leasing the property and managing the project.

President Mike Shaut said "It's a brownfield site, so it's a great use for an industrial reclaimation site in an urban setting."

The sun's energy is collected by the solar panels in "DC" form. It is tranferred to several on-site inverters, made by Eaton Corporation, another Northeast Ohio company, where it is turned into "AC" electricity. It is then taken by wire to the Cleveland Public Power grid.

The six acres of panels can produce enough energy for around 100 homes, but CMHA will power its headquarters building, saving it millions over the 15-year life span of the panels.

This solar farm is another way CMHA is implimenting sustainable energy practices into its buildings and homes. Houses in the Heritage View homes have solar arrays on their roofs and the CMHA headquarters building is LEED certified.