VERMILION --The Vermilion couple under investigation since November for the starvation death of their infant and the treatment of six other children in their home have been charged.

According to an Erie County Chief Deputy, WKYC's Dave Summerslearned late Monday afternoon that Adrienne Bartholomew has been charged withtwo counts of of involuntary manslaughter, five counts of endangering children and five counts ofof patient endangering.

Her bond was set at $280,000.

James Brothers, the husband and father, was charged with all the same charges.

The grandmother, Deborah Nelson, was charged with all the same charges plus an additional charge of involuntary manslaughter. Her bond was set at $320,000.

Erie County officials say they have hadneglect complaints about this couple in the past.

Two Children and Family Services Directors that have handled the Brothers-Bartholomew family, plus Erie County Sheriff's investigators, verify that, in little Isaac's 18 months of life, his parents skipped medical apointments and and turned away county help.

Investigators close to the case say as recently as last June, representatives of the "Help Me Grow" program were inside the home and working with the couple's seven children.

It was the last time social workers were allowed inside the house.

A Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services spokesperson toldChannel 3 back in November that parents Adrienne Bartholomew and James Brothers were the subject of a neglect complaint.

The complaint was the neglect of significant needs of a medical nature. In 2007 a second neglect complaint lead to court-ordered supervision by children services.

Erie County Children and Family Services says all but one of the seven kids have varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities. Parents told investigators that such disabilities lead to malnourishment.

A six-year-old taken from the home in November weighed only 23 pounds. Four of the children weretreated at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.

The other two are in protective custody. Past complaints, canceled social worker visits and medical appointments are all part of the county sheriff's investigation.