MIDDLEFIELD -- The village is on an aggressive campaign to attract business, large and small.

It is called Middlefield Means Business, and was launched several months ago by Mayor Ben Garlich and other community leaders looking to solidify the village's future by marketing its assets.

"We thought we have all the ingredients to bake the cake, why aren't we baking the cake," Garlich told WKYC. "So we're now baking the cake."

The recipe includes a dynamic website meant to extolto prospective businesses the benefits of locating to Middlefield. The village has already contacted 14,000 businesses nationwide and asked them to consider a move.

"If you want to come here with a business, we'll roll out the red carpet. We are looking at ways to accomodate," Garlich added. "When you come in we put you on the escalator and take you to the top."

Middlefield has bought up land from the adjacent township, has created a loan fund, and is willing to fast track potential businesses.

"We've taken care of everything," says the mayor.

Tom Caldwell, CEO and President of the Middlefield Banking Company, is a strong supporter of Middlefield Means Business. "Middlefield is your typical small town in a rural setting," Caldwell proposed. "It's a great comfortable place to do business and to live."

"We have a great mix of industrial businesses, commerical business, and retail. And we still have what we consider affordable housing. Even though it's a small town, you see a lot of the amenities you find in bigger cities."

Nick Frank enthusiastically displays a big Middlefield Means Business sign in the front window of the insurance agency he has run for 30 years. Frank agrees on key development assets like the availability of water and land, and a skilled and loyal work force, which includes many Amish.

He's very high on the other ingredients which he thinks puts Middlefield at a distinct advantage.

"It's the type of people, the ethics, the morals, the community involvement that you see in Middlefield that makes me come here, makes me stay here and makes me raise my kids here," Frank says without hesitation.

While the campaign has not closed a big deal yet, it is looking long term, and is confident people nearby and far from Ohio will be taking a look at Middlefield.

"Everyone's excited about the fact that we're making an effort here to grow," Mayor Garlich explained. "The important part is we have the process in place to make sure it stays vibrant, and current."